My Dream Home (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

Writing Prompt:  Describe your dream home.

We moved into our current home almost 6 years ago, and though we’ve done a few renovations – including building a new deck – we haven’t done anything major…yet.  That is, until now.  We were about to put a for sale sign on our front lawn about a month ago.  We even had a conversation with a real estate agent, signed some papers, and saw a few other homes that were for sale.  In fact, it wasn’t until the day the real estate agent was scheduled to come and take some pictures and put the sign up that we decided against it.  We have a very big house, on a really lovely street, and when we saw the other houses on the market and their prices, we realized we wouldn’t have much luck finding anything the size of our place for the price we paid 6 years ago.  So, we’ve decided to do some renovations to make it more like our “dream home”.

If I were to describe my dream home, I would describe a kitchen that is spacious.  Right now our kitchen isn’t a dream.  We have a giant island in the middle of it.  That’s nice for storage, but it means no one can walk one way to the fridge if the dishwasher is open, because it’s too tight a squeeze.  The same goes for when the fridge is open, on another side of the island.  That island must go so that the kitchen is spacious.  Another problem with our kitchen, and perhaps the biggest annoyance for me, is that we walk into the kitchen from our garage.  That means we have dirt, mud, stones, and snow on the kitchen floor constantly, despite my efforts to keep it clean.  And if we’re just running in quickly to pick up another jacket for one of the kids, or to grab the mail key, we have to walk part way through the kitchen, around a wall, and into the mudroom, tracking stuff all the way.  That would not be a problem in my dream kitchen.  I’ve scoured the internet for the last hour, trying to find a picture of my dream kitchen, but I can’t.  Uh oh.  Is that bad??

My dream house would also have a master bathroom with a HUGE shower, complete with a shower seat. After we finish the kitchen renovations, we’re hoping to do 2 of our 3 bathrooms.  Our master bathroom is pretty tiny, with one sink only, and so my husband uses a different bathroom because there’s just no room for both of us.  I want to rip out our jacuzzi tub, and make a longer counter with 2 sinks.  I also want to rip out the tiny shower and replace it with a much bigger shower with a shower seat.  When I’m thinking, stressing, or tired, I like to relax in the shower.  When I can barely fit into it it’s not that relaxing.  I’m thinking something like this:


Okay, this one is a bit over the top I think.  I don’t need that much room.  Maybe something more like this:


My dream house would include a backyard that is perfect for entertaining the kids.  Right now our backyard puzzles us.  We’ve had to have 2 decks rebuilt in the last few years, and we still have many areas that need work…of some sort…but we’re not quite sure what to do.  We have a walkout from our bedroom, and ideally I’d like a swing or hammock there so we can make use of that space, because we’re not at this point.  It would be so nice to swing on a hammock during a warm summer afternoon, reading with the kids or just listening to them play while the hubby and I sip a cool drink.  Ahhhh.  We also have a walkout from our family room, and it’s one of the decks we had rebuilt a year and a half ago, and I’d love to have some seating areas there too, and perhaps a sunshade so the bugs don’t eat us all alive.  Of course, it would be really great to have something like this for us and the kids:


And this would be fun as well:


But if I’m being honest, this would be my dream backyard:


A girl can dream, right?  I’ll keep on doing that…

I’m pretty sure that dream won’t come true, but the others just might.  I’ll keep you posted.  😉


4 thoughts on “My Dream Home (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

    • Hubby thinks it would be strange, but anything fun like that would be cool I think! Ooh, and did you see the backyard theatre on Pinterest? That looks fun too! 🙂

  1. I have been planning a “dream home” in my mind for a long time now! Can’t wait until we actually get to buy and not move around so frequently! Love your idea of a bowling alley in the backyard! Super fun!
    ~stopping by from Mama Kat’s WW

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