6 Words That Raise My Blood Pressure (inspired by Coach Daddy)

Fellow blogger Coach Daddy  asked me if I’d contribute to his 6 Words post this month, and, of course, I was thrilled to do so. It even inspired me to do an entire post here with my favourite 6 word sentences that cause my blood pressure to rise. Thanks, Eli! Here we go!


Mom, I had a little accident. (This could be about anything: an accident that involves the breaking of a vase, the breaking of a bone, the oozing of blood, or the flow of pee on the floor.)


My parents are coming this weekend. (When this is said by my husband, it always leads to the frantic cleaning of the house, laundering of the guest sheets, and stress about what to serve for meals for 3 days that everyone will eat, including 2 picky little eaters known as my children.)


Mom, I think I broke something. (Again, this could be as minor as the breaking of a vase or some other replaceable object, or as major as a bone. Thankfully, I’ve not had the experience of the latter with my children…but they’re still young…(sigh).)


Is your computer working well, ma’am? (We’ve gotten several of these phone calls in the last few months, by strangers trying to scam us. The last time we got one, my husband was so perturbed that he told the man he knew he was a scammer, to which the man replied with an inappropriate and vulgar comment about me. Classy.)


The computer has yet another virus. (I do not make it a practice to go online to sites I don’t know well, but once I tried to find last season’s episodes of “Glee”. That was a bad mistake. I should’ve known when I read a comment that said, “This site does NOT have a virus.” Yeah, right.)


It’s the secretary from Zander’s school…(Last year I received a few of these. In fact, when I would see the school’s name on my caller ID, my blood pressure started to rise. All sorts of things run through a parent’s mind: “Is something wrong with my son? Is he sick? Did he get hurt?”. Luckily they were relatively minor things the secretary was calling about.)


I didn’t play with anyone today. (I am a worrier. And the fact that my son doesn’t have a group of friends like I did at his age really worries me and is the cause of a lot of stress. I used to ask him every day what he did at recess, and one day he told my husband and I that his once-best-friend had treated him poorly and wouldn’t play with him. Luckily another former classmate of his came along, and they became best buddies. But that boy moved away a few months ago. And again my son sometimes spends recesses on his own. He doesn’t seem too concerned or to mind too much, but I’m another story.)


I don’t want to go sleepies! (You know when your kids don’t sleep much, and you’re woken up nightly, several times, to get a drink for them or to help them get back to sleep when they’ve woken up uncomfortable? Well you start to depend on that hour or two in the afternoon when you can have a bit of a rest, or perhaps a coffee and some TV time. You don’t want to hear this from your child.)


The deadline has been moved up. (As a teacher, I’ve had deadlines for exams to be created, for Individualized Education Plans to be checked and added to, and for report cards to be completed. The last thing you want to hear is that the time you have to do this, as well as teaching, prepping and planning, and marking has been cut.)


Did you know your mic’s on? (I also work in radio, and the first thing I do when I’m done talking for a break is turn my mic off. Not that I say anything inappropriate when it’s off, but on the off chance that I do, in the studio, I want to make sure it doesn’t go to air. I know of people who didn’t realize what they were saying was going to air, and it did not end well.)


All of your recordings were erased. (Sometimes in radio we voice-track, or record ourselves, at times when we’re on air but not in the building. A few months ago I was supposed to go to a conference, and so I had to do some voice-tracking. I went in one night to do my Saturday shift voice-tracking. The next morning I got a phone call, telling me there were no VTs in the system. They had been erased by someone, mistakenly. Oops. Six hours gone.)


The cheque is in the mail, I’ll send a cheque tomorrow, okay?, and I’ll come get my book soon. (I’ve self-published a children’s book, The Duck Who Lost Her Quack, and I’ve had many family members, friends, and acquaintances buy a book. Unfortunately, some of those acquaintances asked me to order for them, I did, and now I’ve been left high and dry, because the books cost me money too. I’m incredibly thankful to all who’ve bought books and paid for them!)


I hear a strange noise downstairs. (I have a fear of someone breaking into my house…or, less rationally, of a ghost coming to visit. This is where my husband must step in and take over, and go downstairs to check things out.)


There’s a new season of “24”. (My husband and I started watching “24” after we had Zander. We binge-watched. We were hooked immediately. And we’ve watched every season, as well as the made-for-TV movie that aired a few years ago. Just thinking about watching it gets my blood pressure up…but in a good way!)


The car’s making a strange sound. (I’m on leave from teaching for another year and a few months, and so this just sounds like “Ka-ching” to me. Money, money, money…)


There’s something wrong with the house. (We bought this house almost 6 years ago, and while we’re usually happy with it, it’s a little older and so things seem to go wrong occasionally. Again, I hear “Ka-ching” every time this sentence is spoken.)


The new furnace will be $6000. (Really??????????)


We need a new car soon. (Yes, the dependable car I bought in the fall of 2002 is on its last legs…or is it wheels? Anyway, it needs to be replaced. Ka-ching!)


It’s Adam Levine, can we duet? (I love to sing, and need to get back to doing it since it is one of my passions. I also happen to love Adam Levine…er, I mean his voice and talent. This is a dream, I know, and one that would send my blood pressure skyrocketing.)


Yep, those do it to me.  How about you?



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