The Mercer Family’s Sixteen Favourite Imagination Movers Songs (for Ketchup With Us)

Two summers ago we watched an Imagination Movers concert on TV.  We were hooked.  Immediately we (I) checked online to see if, when, and where they might be touring so we could go to a show.  We were in luck.  They were coming to our area 3 months later, and we got tickets.  It was a blast.  They put on a fantastic show.  So fantastic that my son and I ended up going to another show that same week.  So much fun.  For this blog posts by number blog, for Ketchup With Us – hosted by Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags –  I thought I’d ask my family members which Imagination Movers songs they liked the most.  I ended up with 16 different songs, and that was after we’d whittled it down a bit!  Their music is enjoyable for kids and adults alike.  And so, here are…

The Mercer Family’s Sixteen Favourite Imagination Movers Songs

Zander’s List

1)  Slip Sliding”

2)  “Dance Kung Fu”

3)  Watermelon Meow Meow”

4)  On Your Marks”


Scott’s List

1)  “Shakeable You”

2) I’ve Never Seen a Unicorn”

3)  Up, Up, Up”

4)  Robot Chase Song”


Shannon’s List

1)  Moving On”

2)  “Take a Look at This Place”

3)  Sunrise Sunset”

4)  “Clean My Room”


Zoey’s List

1)  Everybody Sing”

2)  Let the Sun Shine In”

3)  We Can Work Together”

4)  Good Morning Sunshine”


We are SUPER excited right now because we are going to see another Imagination Movers concert in September, when they come to London, Ontario!  Recently Zoey was watching the Rock-O-Matic DVD in the car, and she said, “We get to meet the Movers really, really, really soon!”  Maybe they’ll take sixteen requests??!

If you’d like to take part in this blog posts by number challenge, just go to Michele or Mel’s websites, and check out the details.