Birthday Wish

Right now I am on a family trip out west (in Canada). I’ve always wanted to come out here, mostly because of the Rockies. I’m a mountain girl. You know how there are places where you feel peaceful, grounded, and where you’re meant to be? That’s me with mountains. So when my specialist’s secretary called me to go over my surgery information, I decided that I needed to go to the mountains. 

Let me back up. A few months ago I saw a specialist because of something that showed up on my recent MRI and my CT scan from several years ago. It seems there’s a mass in my nasal passage that is taking up almost the entire passage. Nothing should be there. Nothing at all. I now will have surgery next month to remove this mass and have it biopsied. 

I try not to worry. There are days when I can push those bad thoughts to the corner of my mind where they seem small and are almost forgotten. And then there are days when those thoughts overwhelm everything else. 

Not to be morbid, but I thought taking a family trip would be a good thing right now…just in case. I want to make memories with my kids so they can look back on their time with their mom and remember having wonderful experiences. So here we are. My dream was to be in the mountains for my birthday – in Banff to be exact – and I was. I’ve always wanted to go to Banff. It just looked heavenly in pictures. It certainly did not disappoint. We stayed at a very expensive hotel – at my insistence – which had spectacular views (the reason for my insistence). It was most definitely a dream come true. 

(The view from our room. 👆🏻)

The kids had fun in the pools and exploring the area, including the lovely little town.

After Banff, we moved to Lake Louise, which was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It’s now my new favourite place on earth (sorry, Switzerland!).  

Though there are trails to hike and canoes to rent for an excursion, we didn’t have enough time for these. We did, however, have time to dip our toes in the lake. 

At my request, we returned early the next morning for more breathtaking views. My thought was, Who knows when or if we’ll ever be back? 

The peace that came over me in that place was indescribable. 

(This was snapped by my 6 year old when I didn’t know she was watching me. 👆🏻) 

After taking in all that natural beauty, we took a gondola ride up a mountain for even more stunning views. My kids aren’t hikers, and I have learned on this trip that we need to be more ACTIVE, so we just went to a restaurant up there for an early lunch. I could have stayed up there forever. 

Bliss. Pure bliss.

We’ve now left the mountains and, though we’ve seen some amazing things, nothing can compare to them, for me at least. Being among the mountains made me feel at peace and happy, at a time when I am struggling to not stress out about the unknown. 

My birthday wish came true, and I just hope that my other wish – for this mass to be nothing – comes true too. 


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