Not So Prepared

This week I need to get my butt in gear.  My husband and I are actually going on a vacation shortly, without the kids.  We haven’t been away alone since the summer of 2005, when we went to the UK and Ireland, and that was a busy trip.  Not a trip of relaxation.  Which is fine.  But now, 9 years, 2 kids, and a lot of sleep deprivation later, we’re doing it.  A week to just sit on a beach and do NOTHING.  Ahhhhh…

And along with the vacation comes the necessary packing for it.  When normally I am a very prepared person, I am not as prepared as I should be when it comes to packing.  Last year when we were going to Florida with the kids and my parents, my mom kept asking if I was packed…days ahead of time.  Nope.  Not done.  Why pack so many days ahead when you very likely need a lot of the stuff you’ll be packing away before you go?  I need my hair dryer every day.  I need my makeup every day.  I need my toothbrush every day.  So I can’t pack those things until the last minute.  And, really, if I’m going to wait to pack those things until the last minute, why not just wait to pack everything until the last minute?

I think I’m this way because I have done a lot of travelling in the past, even backpacking around the UK and Europe for 5 weeks, and so I kind of feel like I know how to pack quickly and efficiently.  Of course that trip required I only take a backpack, and so my “packing” consisted of throwing in a few t-shirts, a few pairs of pants and shorts, a hairbrush, lotion, a light towel, dozens of pairs of underwear (I didn’t mind re-wearing pants and shirts, but I drew the line at underwear!), and 2 pairs of shoes.  This trip is much shorter, but I’ll likely want to take more.  I know, it makes no sense.  I can’t explain it, except to say that when I was backpacking I was much younger, wore very little makeup (I don’t even know if I took any makeup with me – oh to be in my 20s again!), didn’t care if my hair wasn’t perfect for pictures – back when there was no social media, so only a few people actually saw your pics with bad hair – and didn’t have a bulky camera or cellphone or chargers for them.

And should I be taking my phone?  My husband says no.  “We’re going to relax, Shannon, so why not leave your phone at home?”  Well, here’s the thing.  I am pretty addicted to my phone.  I like checking my email, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and seeing what the bloggers I follow are writing about on a daily basis.  And I’m having my 40th birthday (and our 10th wedding anniversary) while we’re away, and I like to see my friends’ birthday wishes to me.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Also, my 3 besties have their birthdays during our vacation, and I want to make sure I can text them birthday greetings on their special day.  How could I possibly survive without my phone?!  I must make a promise to only spend a few minutes here and there on it.  My husband deserves that.

The hubby and I also have plans which require our running shoes to be packed.  Yes, we are planning to exercise.  I know, I had big plans to do that this entire summer, preparing for a mini-marathon, and so far…well…I haven’t done any exercise.  I haven’t even gone for a walk.  Pitiful.  I could list all the excuses I have for not exercising, but it would take you a long time to get through them all!  So are we going to follow through with the plan on our vacation, when it’s our time to relax?  We’ll see.  I will pack the shoes and hope for the best.

Well there we go.  I’m at least thinking about packing.  I know I need my phone, my charger, my camera, my running shoes, and some other stuff I’ll figure out…in a few days…


One thought on “Not So Prepared

  1. Here are my thoughts on your phone. It was great to be off the grid when we went on our cruise this summer. We had no choice really. Pay exorbitant fees or go off the grid. I took the high (inexpensive) road. And I think I actually gained a little time every day as a result. Plus it was nice to see my kids and husband looking straight ahead whenever they walked. And we all actually talked to each other at dinner. Seriously, phones are the devil.

    That said, I’m also addicted to mine. Not to games or apps (I refuse to download any) or even social media (I do check them from time to time but not always even daily. Bingo! This is why I suck as a blogger). I just like being connected. I check my email. And I respond to texts. Now that my kids are older and have their own phones I like being able to reach them this way. As far as I’m concerned, any time they’re not with me, I’m going to have my phone in view and on vibrate in case they need me. That’s something I can’t just turn off.

    So take it with you. Because, after all, you won’t have the kids with you and who knows? But, as far as the small stuff, agree on a daily limit for phone use in advance. 30 minutes? An hour? And stick to it. You’ll be glad you did.

    Thanks for linking up with KetchupWIthUs. And Bon Voyage! 🙂

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