Reflections at the Licencing Office

I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month, and so recently I had to take a trip to the licencing office.  And because I still have lists on the brain from taking part in the blog posts by number challenge from the Ketchup With Us ladies – Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags – I found myself making a list of all the things that were going through my mind that day.  Here are my…

Reflections at the Licencing Office

1.  I wish I had taken a few minutes and gone to the washroom, or refrained from finishing my second coffee before I left work.  I actually think I might pee my pants.  Right here in the office.  In front of a bunch of strangers.  Embarrassing.

2.  I wish getting older wasn’t so darn expensive.  One hundred and eighty dollars for 2 tiny little stickers to put on my licence plates?

3.  Why isn’t there someone else working in this office?  This is the third time I’ve been in here in a week – and left the other two times because I had forgotten things – and it’s been crazy-busy each and every time.

4.  Why didn’t the paperwork indicate that I had to get another picture for my new health card?  Geez.  I’ve been up since 5:00am, had a quick shower, and ran out the door to get to work.  I was NOT thinking about doing my hair or putting on makeup.  Great.  Now the tired, unkempt Shannon will be the one that people see when they look at my health card…for the next 5 years.  Eeks.  Sorry folks.




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