Five Reasons I Like Summer Break – Guest Post by Zander (for Ketchup With Us)

Day 28 of the Ketchup With Us blog posts by number challenge (and you have a few days to get in on the action by going to Michele’s website – ODNT – or Mel’s website – According to Mags), and I finally got someone in my family to do a guest post for me!  Today it’s my son Zander who’s doing the list, and because yesterday was the last day of school and summer holidays start today, his list is…

Five Reasons I Like Summer Break

1)  There’s no school.

2)  You don’t have to do any work (see above).

3)  You can spend time with your family.

4)  You can sleep in (usually at least).

5)  You can walk around the house naked every day (of course I’m wearing underwear, but that’s it).

Dude, I totally get it.  When I was 7 I liked to run around my house naked.  And I’m perfectly normal now!

Why not join in on the fun? All you have to do is go to Mel or Michele’s websites – According to Mags and ODNT – for the details, and to link up your post.


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