Six Funny Things My Little Man Said to Me Last Week (for Ketchup With Us)

My children tend to say funny things, as most do.  Last week, as I was driving with both Zander and Zoey, some exceptionally humourous things escaped from my little guy’s mouth.  I handed him a receipt that was laying in the console beside my seat – thank goodness I haven’t gotten around to cleaning up the vehicle yet! –  and a pen, and asked him to write them down for me, so that I wouldn’t forget them.  This month I’m trying to keep up with the lovely ladies at Ketchup With Us – Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags – and their challenge to write a series of “listy-type” blog posts with numbers in the title.  They’ve taken the challenge a step further for themselves and are writing one of them a day, and I wanted to do the same.  So of course when Zander said those funny things, I thought about using them for one of my June blogs.  So, here are…

Six Funny Things My Little Man Said to Me Last Week


1)  Did you fart strawberries?  It smells like strawberries.”  Perhaps those were strawberries you were smelling, buddy?!  Or maybe it was the strawberry air freshener I have hanging in the vehicle?

2)  Adults cut the cheese a lot.  Both ways.”  And apparently it smells like strawberries!

3)  When you cuddle with me, my pillow gets really hot.”  

4)  Cuddling is your specialty.”  And that’s okay, as long as it’s just at home.  Definitely NOT ANYWHERE NEAR school…anymore…sniff…You can read about that here.


5)  “You’re loving and caring, but all moms are supposed to be.”  Thank goodness he sees me like this!

6)  “Why do people say, ‘It’s warm outside’?  What is IT?”  

Do your little ones, or other young people in your life say the darndest things?  If so, tell me about it.  Oooooh, and you should link it up to Ketchup With Us, so you can share it with other bloggers taking part in the blog hop.  You can get details about the challenge and how to link your work up, by going to Michele’s website or Mel’s website.



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