Four Things My Son Does to Tell Me He’s Growing Up (for Ketchup With Us)

My son is 7, and growing up quickly.  In the last few months I’ve noticed things he’s doing to tell me he’s not a little guy anymore, and that he’s growing up.  This blog post by number, for the Ketchup With Us ladies – Mel at According to Mags and Michele at ODNT – is…

Four Things My Son Does to Tell Me He’s Growing Up

1)  He has started calling me “Shannon”.  Sure, that’s my name, but to him I should be “Mommy”.  It’s not a regular thing – he doesn’t say, “Shannon, can I have some milk?” – but it happens often enough that I know he’s trying to show me he’s getting older.  And it happens when he is trying to prove a point to me:  “See?  Daddy says that’s right…Shannon!”

2)  He doesn’t want me to kiss him and hug him when I drop him off to school. Up until about a month ago, I would give him hugs and kisses when we walked up to the door of the school.  He didn’t “actively participate” like he did when he was younger (last year), but he still let me do it.  Now he fights it.  But I fight back!  I get a kiss in there, even if I just catch the side of his head!

3)  He doesn’t need me or want me to walk him to the school door anymore.  This just started happening.  He at least spared my feelings by not saying this.  I just figured it out…when he was speed-walking to the door!  I still watch to make sure he gets in safely, but it’s not the same.  😦

4)  Instead of wanting to play after school, he grabs his iPad and starts to play games on it.  He used to want to play with Lego together, or some other toy, but that’s stopped.  Of course, he does creative things on his iPad with Pic Collage and Movie Maker, so a little time on it is okay.  But I miss him wanting to hang out.

zanmemom meandbabies meandbabies2 meandzan

Ahhh…the good old days…when Zander wanted to spend time with his dear old mom.

I remember talking to my parents about Zander always wanting us (me and my hubby) to play with him, and not wanting to play on his own.  I wanted just a wee break.  They told me it would come before I knew it.  And they were right.  Now I long for those days when he was still my little boy and he wanted to spend all of his time with me.  Can I go back to those days???


My big boy.

Do you have a blog post with a number in the title?  Do you have some posts that are “listy-type” ones?  If so, you should let Michele and Mel know, and you can share it with the rest of us who contribute to the Ketchup With Us blog hop!  Just go to Michele and Mel’s websites for full details on the blog posts by number challenge for this month.




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