Three of My Favourite Videos of Zoey (for Ketchup With Us)

It’s blog posts by number month for the ladies at Ketchup With Us:  Mel at According to Mags and Michele at ODNT.  They are writing a post a day that has a number in the title, and I’m playing along too.  

My daughter, Zoey, is a funny little child.  I’ve shot a lot of videos of her over the last few years to capture her personality.  (My son, Zander, is not a fan of having video taken of him, and he’s at school all day, which is my excuse for not having as many of him!)  For his post I thought I’d show you…

Three of My Favourite Videos of Zoey

1.  Zoey sings her ABCs.  I love this because Zoey is a kid who is almost always singing or humming when she’s in a good mood.  This video shows her happy personality.  I also love it because of the dancing she does at “Y and Z”.  So funny.

2. Zoey talking to the birds.  Zoey LOVES birds, which is funny because I HATE them.  You can read about that here.  One of the things she wants to do on a regular basis is go outside and see the birds, chase the birds, and talk to the birds.  On this video she is supposed to be napping, but is, instead, talking to some birds outside her bedroom window.

3.  Zoey and Zander on the inflatable slide.  This was taken on the weekend of a festival in our town.  There were a few inflatables for the kids to play on, but this was the one that Zander and Zoey went on over and over and over…They loved it, and both wanted to get as much time on the slide as they could.  Also, Zander made sure to take care of his little sister, which made us happy and proud.  (And I was glad not to have to go on it again with Zoey, after getting MASSIVE RUG BURNS on my arms!)

Stay tuned for even more favourite videos of the kids as the month goes on…

You, too, can take part in the Ketchup With Us blog challenge.  All you have to do is write a post with a number in the title, and then let Mel and Michele know about it!




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