Four Qualities I Want My Kids to Have (for Ketchup With Us)

It’s blog posts by number month at Ketchup With Us, brought to us by Mel at According to Mags and Michele at ODNT. I’ve been thinking a lot about my kids and what kinds of little beings they are becoming. Of course I hope for them to be the best Zander and Zoey they can be, and I hope they have some specific qualities that I deem very important. So for this post, here are…

Four Qualities I Want My Kids to Have

1) Strength. I want my children to be emotionally strong. There are a lot of things that can tear them down – like bullies and peer pressure – and I want them to be able to be able to stand up for themselves and for others, as well as for their beliefs and values. I also want them to be emotionally strong so that when they receive criticism or experience rejection, it doesn’t affect them profoundly. I want them to be able to remain confident and move forward.

2) Kindness. I want my children to be kind, and to treat others well. We all know how it feels when someone is kind and makes our day a little bit better. We also know how it feels when someone is unkind and that affects our mood and day. I want my kids to show kindness to others, to make others feel good, and to, in return, have the good feeling of knowing they’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life.

3) Empathy. I want my children to be able to put themselves in others’ shoes and understand what people are going through. I want them to consider the situations and feelings of others. I understand that it is difficult to be able to do this, especially when very young, but I really hope that it develops within them as they grow older, and that they can become better people because of it.

4) Ambition. I want my children to aim high and work hard. I want them to set goals and strive to meet them. I want them to do as much as they can to be fulfilled. That said, I want them to know that we don’t always achieve our goals, and that’s not cause for getting down on ourselves. I know some people who aimed high and couldn’t possibly get there, and ended up depressed and devastated because of it. I certainly don’t want that to happen to them. But I want them to know that dreams, goals, and ambitions are good things to have because they give us things to look forward to, to work for, and to be motivated to achieve.

I also hope my children know that I am always behind them, cheering them on and celebrating their successes. I am so proud of them now, and I will always be proud of them.



If you’d like to participate in the blog by numbers challenge – like me! – this month, courtesy of Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags, all you have to do is write a “listy-type” post with a number in the title. Then, let Michele and Mel know, via their websites, or on Twitter: @olddognewtits and @accordingtomags.



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