Four Reasons I Love The Netherlands

When I was finishing high school, I went on an exchange to the Netherlands for the summer. I hadn’t even thought about going there, and, in fact, had picked France, Italy, and Switzerland as my top three. Then, when I was told those weren’t available, and was given a list, I chose Denmark. It wasn’t until much closer to my trip that I found out I was going to Holland. Well, it ended up being a fantastic experience. I had 2 different host families, who were wonderful, and then I travelled around the country with other young people from all over the world. What a great place! And so for this blog post by numbers, for Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags, I’m telling you the…

Four Reasons I Love The Netherlands

1) The people. I’ve been back to the country since my exchange in 1993, and the people have always been terrific. Whether it’s in a McDonalds or a museum, everyone is friendly, helpful, and kind.

2) The culture and the historic sites. There are museums with Van Gogh and Rembrandt masterpieces, old castle ruins, and significant sites like the Anne Frank House. There is a lot to see and learn about in Holland.


3) The attitude. Most of the Dutch people I’ve met have been pretty laid back. They ride their bikes around to sight-see, as well as to meet friends and go to work, which I like. (I just read a recent study that said people who cycle to work are the happiest!) They don’t seem to be rushing around aggressively. I also liked that there’s a break for a mid-morning snack of CHOCOLATE CAKE! And then, after lunch, there’s a mid-afternoon snack of MORE SWEETS! My waistline REALLY suffered, but I was happy (at the time)! Dutch people take time to relax and recharge…and they eat lots of yummy things…which brings me to #4…

4) The food. Holland isn’t well-known for its cuisine, but there are some really tasty foods there. Poffertjes, pannekoeken, and stroop wafels are among the tastiest! I can feel myself gaining weight as I write this…Yummmmm…


So if you ever find yourself with the opportunity to travel to this lovely country, you should take it! You’ll be happy you did!

Oh, and speaking of opportunities, you should take this one to write a numbered blog post for the Ketchup With Us challenge this month. Just head to Mel or Michele’s websites for the details.


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