Thirteen Superstitions I Believe In (for Ketchup With Us)

Seeing as it is Friday the 13th (spooky), I started thinking about the most common superstitions that people believe in.  I wanted to see if there were many that I, too, believe in.  I honestly didn’t think so, but I was wrong.  In fact, of the most popular ones, I believe in 13.  Today’s Ketchup With Us numbered blog post is…

Thirteen (Oh, that’s weird!)  Superstitions I Believe In


1)  Horseshoes are good luck.

2)  Bad things happen on Friday the 13th.

3)  Brides must have something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

4)  Crossing your fingers means good luck.

crossed fingers

5)  The number 13 is bad luck.

6)  It’s lucky to wish on a shooting star.

7)  Opening an umbrella indoors means bad luck.  (I was told it would mean a death in the family.)


8)  Having a rabbit’s foot brings good luck.

9)  Knocking on wood brings protection from tempting fate (jinxing something).

10) Breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck.

11) A four leaf clover brings good luck.


12) Walking under a ladder is bad luck.

13) If you spill salt, you need to throw a pinch over your left shoulder to avoid bad luck.


How about you?  Do you believe in any superstitions?  Do you believe in the ones I’ve listed above?  I’d love to hear from you.

And why not keep me, Mel at According to Mags, and Michele at ODNT, company as we write a numbered blog every day of this month, by doing the same?  All you have to do is have a number in the title of your post, and then link it up to Ketchup With Us.  Oh, and let Mel and Michele know about it, via their websites or via Twitter:  @accordingtomags and @olddognewtits.



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