Five Ways to Make Driving with the Kids a Pleasant Experience (for Ketchup for Us)

It’s day 10 of the numbered blog a day challenge I’m participating in, inspired by Michele at ODNT and Mel at According to Mags.  The other day I was taking a little trip with my husband and our kids to see my parents.  It’s about 1 1/4 hours each way, and while we were making our way to our destination, I thought about the things my hubby and I do to make sure it’s smooth sailing, or driving.  Being a sharer, I thought I’d fill you in on the…

Five Ways to Make Driving with the Kids a Pleasant Experience, According to the Mercer Family

1) Hook up a portable DVD player. I always thought and said I wouldn’t have one in my vehicle. I thought we would be playing “I Spy” or singing together on trips in the vehicle. However, that doesn’t quite hold my kids’ attention long enough.  If it wasn’t for the DVD player, I would be even crazier than I am!

2) Have Imagination Movers DVDs and CDs on hand. These saved us from a life stuck indoors, or, at least, in our little town. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Rock-O-matic DVD, Zoey would never have gone anywhere with us.

3) Have the Rich Collins CD – “That Escalated Quickly” – with you. This is my daughter’s latest obsession. He’s Mover Rich from the Imagination Movers, and he released a solo CD last year. Zoey requests tracks #1 and 3 continuously. We hear, “I want Rich Collins!” over and over!

4) Make sure you’ve packed plenty of snacks and drinks. You will very likely hear “I’m thirsty” and “I’m starving” every few minutes, so to keep those comments to a minimum make sure you have lots of drinking boxes, sippy cups full of fluids, crackers, granola bars, and goldfish.

5) Be prepared: have patience. Your little ones, if they’re like mine, will spend most of the trip asking you to pick up their stuffed animals, get them more to eat and drink, change the song that’s playing, and change the temperature inside the vehicle. It can get a bit taxing, but if you’re ready for all of it, you can get through it!

Perhaps your family members are a little more low maintenance, and you’ll only need a few of these to make the trip enjoyable!  Or, perhaps you have some additional tips you can pass along to me…?  Though these have worked so far, we haven’t ventured too incredibly far from home (not more than a few hours), and we’re actually thinking of taking some more lengthy trips by car this summer.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Nevertheless, I’d love to keep my cool and my sanity.  Help??!!!

And while you’re thinking about that, why not also think about doing your own blog posts by number?  You can get all the details on Michele and Mel’s websites.  Cheers!



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