Five Reasons A Trip to the Dentist Shouldn’t be Feared (for Ketchup With Us)

It’s day 5 of the Ketchup With Us numbered post a day challenge, hosted by Mel at According to Mags and Michele at ODNT.  I thought I’d write about one of my favourite places to go:  the dentist office.  I’m not kidding.  I know, it’s weird.  Most people don’t like going to the dentist, and some are even afraid of going.  Not me.  I look forward to it.  I wish I could go more.  And so this post is…

Five Reasons A Trip to the Dentist Shouldn’t be Feared

1)  There’s free stuff!  What scary place do you know of that would have free stuff?  Sure, it’s dental floss and a toothbrush, but it’s still free.  It’s like your birthday or Christmas when you go there and receive your gift.

2)   There’s time for quiet reflection.  You get to recline in a comfy chair, while listening to calming music.  And the whirring of the polisher is so relaxing, isn’t it?  It’s almost like you’re having a spa day.  Sure, the massage is a gum massage, but it’s still a massage.

3)  You can have meaningful conversations.  Yes, the conversations are largely one-sided because you can’t talk with a hand in your mouth, but you can learn a lot about your dental hygienist’s life, and I’m sure she appreciates someone listening.

4)  There’s no pressure or decisions to be made.  I’m always so stressed out at the optometrist office.  I feel like it’s all a big test:  “Which one is better?  This one, right?  Or is it this one?  Which looks clearer?  Can you read the bottom line?”  I…don’t…know…They look the same!  What do you want me to say??  Which answer will mean I won’t have to get a stronger prescription??  So…much…pressure.  At the dentist office, the only pressure you’ll feel is the pressure on your gums when you’re getting your teeth cleaned.

5)  You come out lighter than you went in.  You actually lose weight at the dentist office.  All that stuff that was on your teeth, weighing you down?  It’s gone.  You could literally be milligrams lighter.

See?  How could you possibly fear going to the dentist??? 🙂

If you’d like to participate in the numbered post challenge for this month – like me! – you can check out the details on Mel or Michele’s websites:  According to Mags and ODNT.



5 thoughts on “Five Reasons A Trip to the Dentist Shouldn’t be Feared (for Ketchup With Us)

  1. I like this one. I really do. Weight loss, relaxation, reflection … it’s like an freaking spa!

    And we’re all due this summer. I’ll see if I can sell your ideas to my kids. 🙂

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