Maybe I’m Not Meant to Exercise??

I’ve been trying to get into shape for awhile now.  (I’m not in BAD shape, I’m just not fit anymore.)  But things haven’t worked out well so far.  There have been late nights trying to get the kids to stop calling for me and FINALLY fall asleep.  Of course, I’m too tired to exercise then.  There have been the days my knees ache or my back aches.  (I am getting old!)  Of course, I’m too sore to exercise then.  But on the weekend, after going out with some of my best friends and talking to one about getting in shape this year, I decided there would be no more excuses.  I’m turning 40 in July, and the thought was that I wanted to be in better shape by then, and maybe even try doing what I see some of my former classmates doing:  running marathons…or at least mini-marathons…or perhaps walking them…Anyway, I was determined to actually follow through.  I thought the best idea would be to get out and walk, now that the weather is getting better here.  And so I went for a walk with a co-worker and her dog, and my family couldn’t bear to be parted from me (!) so they came too.  It was nice to get out, stretch our legs, and enjoy the fresh air.  And it was going so well – the kids were loving it because they love dogs and Limbo was entertaining them with fetching along the trail – until CRASH!  Limbo, the dog that is bigger than I am and weighs a lot more than I do, slammed into me on her way to get a ball behind us.  I really didn’t know what happened, other than I’d been hit, and I had smashed into the ground.  A rocky, dirty, uneven trail in the woods.  Immediately my wrist hurt, and I thought, Get up and brush yourself off, Shannon.  You’ll be fine.  Don’t make your friend feel bad about it.  So that’s what I did.  But I was hurting.  However, it was nothing compared to what I am feeling now, 2 days later.  I can barely hold my head up without extreme discomfort.  I can barely lift my right arm.  I can barely get up from a seated position without moaning in pain.  And my head is killing me.  I am quite certain there are no sprains or breaks, but I am also quite certain there are strains, pulls, and bruises.  All because I wanted to get active.  This never would have happened if I’d been at home, watching TV and eating junk food!  Ha!  Okay, that’s bad, I know, and I’m not giving up my goal of getting in shape, but I think it’s going to take a little while to stop aching and get the walking shoes back on.  And perhaps it’s much safer to stay inside!


12 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Not Meant to Exercise??

  1. Dear Shannon, 40 is NOT old 🙂 but I know it can feel like it sometimes. It’s when you feel like that big dog has knocked you down everyday that you feel old. Enjoy your life and family and don’t worry about being in shape. Just eat healthy and you will feel better and lose weight at the same time. Blessings to you and your family!

    • Thanks Andy! Glad to hear from you! 🙂 I know 40 isn’t old, even though I remember it used to be “over the hill”! I need to get over the aches and pains and suck it up!!

  2. Egad! Maybe try some stretching to loosen up all the tightness.
    For some reason, I’ve been taking my wife’s hula hoop outside the last few nights. Not some great decision on my part, but I could stand to be a bit more active.
    (And hooping is exhausting!)

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