Get “Motive”ated for this TV show (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

Writing Prompt:  List 10 things you love about your favourite show. 

In the last few months I’ve discovered a Canadian show called “Motive” that I look forward to seeing every Thursday night.  Normally I only watch reality TV shows – “Survivor”, “The Voice”, and “Big Brother” are the ones I am addicted t…er, love – but this drama has definitely caught my attention.  I now would say it’s my favourite TV show, and here are 10 reasons why.

1) There is always a mystery to figure out, but not the usual kind: we get introduced briefly to the victim and the murderer at the very beginning of each show, so we’re not guessing who did it.  What we do have to do is figure out the connection between the two, which can be tricky.

2) The acting on the show is really good.  You believe the characters.  Plain and simple.

3) The resolution makes sense.  You’re not left thinking, “What was that?  It was dilithium crystals?  They were going into an alternate universe?  I don’t get it.”  I like to think, but not THAT hard.  The resolutions are realistic but not predictable.

4) There are some backstories and side plots for character development and plot development, but there’s not a lot of time spent on these each episode.  They are intriguing and leave you wanting to learn more, but they don’t distract from the main plot.

5) It’s Canadian and it doesn’t try to hide that.

6) The main actress is not someone I’ve seen before.  I really like this because I can completely “buy” her as that character.  Sometimes when I see an actor, no matter how fantastic he or she is, I think of the previous role I saw him/her in, and so I can’t completely get lost in a performance.

7) The two main characters have a respectful relationship and, most importantly, there is NO sexual tension.  It’s just a woman and a man doing their jobs.  That’s refreshing.

8) It’s not scary.  I’m not a fan of anything scary.  I refuse to watch horror movies.  I had years of sleepless nights after accidentally seeing parts of “Nightmare on Elm Street” at my friend’s birthday party sleepover.  Unlike some dramas on TV, “Motive” is not scary.  I can handle it and still sleep that night…until one of the kids wakes me up for a drink…but that’s another story.

9) I loved the ’80s, and still love a lot about that decade.  So when I saw “Flashdance” actress Jennifer Beals as a guest star on the show, and then one of the stars of “LA Law”, Corbin Bernsen, as another guest, I was thrilled.  Eighties guest stars = awesome!

10) It doesn’t have over-the-top violence.  At a time when some TV shows glorify gore and creepiness (like “The Following”, which I do watch but hate myself for watching every Monday night!), “Motive” does not do that.

It really is a must-see!  (For those of you in the US, ABC announced it will begin airing the second season on May 21.)



3 thoughts on “Get “Motive”ated for this TV show (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

  1. This is intriguing! I can see how you can get caught up in it since it’s a little off the beaten path of your typical dramas.

    • It is a really great show. I used to watch the “CSI”s years and years ago because my husband liked them, but I couldn’t handle them for long. Too gory and too many bad guys!

  2. Sounds similar to the original Law and Order.
    I’m enjoying an old BBC series – Cracker. Robbie Coltrane is excellent in it.
    There is a bit of violence though.

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