A Tale of Two Parties (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

My husband and I went to a surprise birthday party last weekend for a co-worker of mine.  She was turning 23.  It was a very different experience from the other surprise birthday party we had last month, for a childhood friend of mine.  She turned 40 today.  It’s funny how much of a difference 17 years can make.  For example, at the party for the 23 year old, we all yelled “Surprise!” as she walked in with her boyfriend and her dog, and she responded with excitement, “Wow!  What the $#@&?  This is so awesome!”  At the party for the 40 year old, we all yelled “Surprise!” as she walked in with her hubby and their teenaged son, quickly buttoning her pants back up because she had planned to run into the bathroom after entering.  I totally get it, because when you’re a little older and you need to go…well, you need to go NOW.  So, the beginning of each party was slightly different.  As time went on, at the party for the 23 year old most of the guests were downstairs playing beer pong.  At the party for the 40 year old we were playing a game that involved answering true or false to a quiz about events that may or may not have happened in 1974 (the year my friend was born).  (I won, by the way, because I am full of useless trivia, which can come in handy!)  And because we had a babysitter for our kids for both parties, we didn’t stay more than a few hours.  But it was strange what my husband said after leaving the party for the 23 year old.  He said, “Oh man.  How lucky are those people?  They have no responsibilities.  They can sleep in.  I’m so tired.”  And I do get it.  My husband is fantastic at being the one to get up during the night with our kids, who always need something to drink, several times a night in fact. Or they wake up and say they can’t fall back to sleep.  Or they have nightmares.  He’s exhausted. And the guests at the party are not married, nor do they have kids.  The responsibilities that go along with those things are also, of course, absent, which takes a lot of stress away from one’s life.  And so I know why he said that.  However, that wasn’t what I was thinking while at the party for my 23 year old friend.  This is what I was thinking while at the party: “I’m so glad to have Zander and Zoey in my life.  I want to go home and kiss them goodnight, and have a little snuggle too.  Ahhh. I’m so glad to be at the stage I am in life.” Being young was great, partying until the wee hours of the morning was fun, and I loved being able to sleep all day long when I wanted to, but having 2 little ones around to laugh with, hug, and hear “I love you” from is better than any of that.

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7 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Parties (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

  1. So sweet! I agree with you 100%. My boys make me crazy, and tired, but I’m so glad that the dating/ bar/ party scene is in my past and that I have my little family to come home to. Being needed and loved unconditionally is pretty awesome! 🙂

  2. 1. Ketchup With Us always brings me back to you!

    2. That hour or 90 minutes between when I wake up on weekends and the kids crawl out of bed? Plenty of alone time for me.

    3. Me at 24 might have been carefree, but me at 42 has a much more fulfilling existence, as a dad!

  3. Agreed. Across the board. I have several friends my age (I’ll be evasive about that one) who never married or had kids. And … truth … there have been times I’ve found myself a little jealous over their complete freedom in this world. And then I go home to my two fantastic kids who are both dying to tell me about who traded who in the NBA world (I nod and listen) or the latest gossip about the Hunger Games. They want to tell ME. Mom. They are genuinely excited to talk with me.

    While my friend is home eating takeout and watching a movie alone. I only need that experience, like, one day a year. I’ll take my kids the other 364. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with Ketchup With Us. Please come back and see us again on the 15th.

  4. Hi! I’m glad I found your blog! I’m here from Ketchup With Us. I’m a musician, so, nice to meet you, Radio Chick. 🙂

    Right? I have felt that way too — how lucky the 20somethings are that they have no responsibilities, can sleep in, etc. And when I was that age, I couldn’t wait to have what I have now. The grass is always greener, I guess. But I do miss the sleep!

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