The Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

Writing Prompt:  Things That Make You Happy

There are a lot of people and things that make me happy, but I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 for this particular blog post for Mama Kat.

1)  My kids:  There are so many things that make me happy about my kids.  Sure, there are moments when I can’t wait for bedtime, mostly because it means a bit of a break from “I need milk”, “More juice”, “I need food”, and “Change my bum”.  But I can’t imagine life without them.  I love seeing them play together, hearing Zoey (the 3 year old) say, “I love you, Zander, you’re my best friend” (to her big brother), seeing Zander hug Zoey,  seeing them smile, hearing them laugh, hugging them, and kissing them.  My little girl is particularly loving, and she will smooth my hair, put her hand under my chin, and say, “I love you, Mommy.”  Melts my heart and wets my eyes every time.

2)  Coffee:  I am unabashedly addicted to it.  I used to be ashamed, when I first became a coffee drinker when my son was an infant, but I’ve since embraced it.  I figure there are worse things I could be addicted to, that would be more harmful to my health and my wallet.  And the nurse practitioner just told me that caffeine helps with headaches, from which I suffer…so that’s basically a “go ahead” from a health care professional to indulge.  Right?

3)  Chocolate:  I consume at least a little bit of it every day, whether it’s in the form of hot chocolate mix added to my coffee (heaven in a cup), or in the form of a few chocolate chips I can sneak from a bag in our pantry.

4)  Reality TV:  This sounds pathetic, but I look forward to the night of the week when “Survivor” is on.  I should probably be picked as a fan if there’s ever another “Fans vs Favorites” season, because I’ve watched every season.  That would be cool, except I hate bugs, I’ve never camped before, and I am still traumatized by having to go pee in a hole in the ground while travelling in Italy.  Better to just sit on my comfy couch and watch probably.

5)  Summer:  I live in the snowbelt of Midwestern Ontario, Canada, and it’s difficult because I strongly dislike snow and cold.  I long for warmth, the sun on my face, and being able to walk outside without worrying about windchill, frostbite, falling on ice, and having to precariously walk on snowbanks.  Of course, I might just settle for a tropical vacation every year!

If I could, I’d add sleep, time to do nothing, music, massages, alone time with my husband, and going out with my girlfriends…Perhaps in another blog post…?  Happy Easter to you!  I hope this weekend finds YOU happy.



4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

  1. I am SO ready for summer vacation! It’s really the best time of year to enjoy my coffee and chocolate. 😉 Great list!

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