From the Mouth of Zoey (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

A little girl in our house had a big few days last weekend, full of celebrating. Zoey turned 3. And though we didn’t have a big party, we did have family here, as well as presents, and cake(s).

princesscake2  castlecake

In honour of Zoey’s birthday, I thought I’d write a list of things Zoey has been saying lately, to show you the kind of funny and sweet little kid she is.

1) “We don’t like cat pee…or poo…in our faces.” I’m not sure where this came from, though we talked about neighbourhood cats peeing near our basement bathroom, leaving a terrible stench. That prompted Mommy and Daddy to discuss our dislike of cat pee.  However, the “in our faces” part wasn’t part of the discussion!

2) “Listen to me, birds: don’t eat garbage. That’s disgusting.” I saw crows picking through the garbage bags one day, making a mess. I told Zoey they were eating the garbage, and this was her response. She often looks out her window and says this to the birds she sees.

3) “Let me touch your eyeballs.” She likes to touch my eyeballs. I don’t get it. But it hurts.

4) “We don’t have wieners. We have dadinas.” Living in a house with a big brother, she wondered about her body parts. I had to let her know that she and Mommy are the same, and Zander and Daddy are the same.

5) “Boobies…boobies…boobies…boobies…boobies…” This was just something she decided to say over and over again one night while lying in bed.

6) “You have booders in your nose.” You should read a previous blog I wrote, and see what happened to Zoey’s “booders”. (Just Another Day of Motherhood)

7) “Let me smell you.” [sniffs] “You are fine.” I’m glad I always pass the test.

8) “You have boobies. Daddy has boobies too.” Poor Daddy. Now he’s self-conscious.

9) “There’s dog poo on the snow. And big, giant horse poo too.” Zoey thinks the dirt on the snow (from the street) is NOT dirt. I think it came from me telling her to watch where she steps and not eat snow…because dogs and cats go pee and poo on it. ‘Never eat yellow snow’, right? Or brown snow. Whatever works.

10) “What are those?” Those are your nipples. “No, they’re my pickles!” When getting changed into her pajamas, Zoey pointed at her nipples and asked the question.

11) “I don’t want go sleep…ever!” This is pretty much the feeling of both of my children. And Mommy and Daddy are TIRED.

12) “I love you, Mom.” Quite often Zoey will say this out of the blue. She’s a very loving little girl. And now she’s started calling me “Mom” instead of “Mommy”, like a big kid. It’s funny coming from such a little person, but it’s also a little scary, because she’s growing up so quickly.

Which brings me to this one:

13) After planting numerous kisses on Zoey, her response was quite grown up: “That’s enough, Shannon.”

Happy birthday, Sweet Pea.  I love you and your brother more than you’ll ever know.




9 thoughts on “From the Mouth of Zoey (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

  1. I see a common thread of poop here. Which is right on target for her age group. And, apparently, most people’s. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with us, RC. Please come back to KetchupWithUs again on the 1st!

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