Ahh, Cuba… (A Memorable Spring Break – for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

It’s been difficult to think about spring around here. I live in Ontario, Canada, and in the “snowbelt” of Midwestern Ontario. That means we get a lot more snow than most of the area, and this year has been exceptionally snowy and cold. Even now, on April 14th, we’re expecting snow overnight, and maybe some freezing rain as well. It seems as if the winter will never end. One of the ways I’ve maintained my sanity having to stay inside for months on end with a 2 year old is to dream about the warmer weather, trees with leaves swaying in the breeze, flowers in full bloom, and the sound of waves crashing on the sand at the beach. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, because it’s invigorating when the days get longer, the sun starts to peek through clouds, the wind isn’t biting cold, and you can smell the earth. But it can’t compete with summer. I absolutely LOVE summer. And so, thinking about my most memorable spring break I have to say it was the year my husband and I travelled to Cuba for a week. It was in 2005 and we went with another couple who had been to the same resort the year before. They thought it was so fantastic they wanted to go again the next year, and thought we’d enjoy it too. It did not disappoint. It was hot and summer-like, which was the best.

The resort was lovely.


It had a beautiful pool which we sat beside all day to read…


…with the occasional dip in to get to the swim-up bar.


It had the most gorgeous white sand beach that the resort staff meticulously “cleaned” every morning so that it was pristine.


The entire staff was friendly, fun, and accommodating (and made mean mojitos!). We even ventured off the resort for a boat ride, and we found this little guy.


And we did very little. That is something my husband and I can’t do these days. We have 2 children, who are 7 and 3, and so we spend our days working and looking after the kids. We love them more than anything in the world, and love spending as much time as we can with them. But just like I dream of the summer sun and heat, I dream of a few days of having nothing at all to do…except sit at a swim-up bar, drinking a mojito, and reading a classic by Charles Dickens. Ahhh…perhaps another spring break?



2 thoughts on “Ahh, Cuba… (A Memorable Spring Break – for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

  1. In just a few years, the kids might be old enough to mind themselves, and you and Husband can get away for a few days.
    Sounds like a great trip! Did you get to see any of the local sights off-resort?

  2. Oh I hope so…ah…If I had lots of cash I would just pay for a nanny to accompany us to a tropical destination, and then we could all be together, but I would sleep on the beach all day!

    We did go to the little town, off the resort, for a day. We also rented a vehicle to go see some things (alligators and lizards), and we went snorkeling (okay, I watched from the boat!). It was fun. I’m a sight-seer in other places, but a sunbather in tropical spots!

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