Let It Go (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

About a month and a half ago a co-worker of mine and my husband’s mentioned to him that I reminded her of a character in the movie “Frozen”, but couldn’t remember her name. Not having seen the movie at that point, neither of us knew who she could be talking about, and, of course, I was very curious. I am always concerned about what people think of me. Am I friendly enough? Am I too friendly? Am I annoyingly exhuberant? Am I too reserved? Do I talk too much?  Do I not say enough?  I worry endlessly. It’s definitely a flaw. Anyway, as soon as I had a minute and the kids were in bed, I went to Google to do some research. I found that there were 2 leads: Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Anna was described as fearless, spunky, and awkward, while her sister, the Snow Queen, was described as vulnerable, complicated, and misunderstood. Hmmmm….Well, of course I’d say I’m no more vulnerable, complicated, or misunderstood than most people, and so spunky, fearless, and awkward would fit me better. She must mean Anna. I even took to Facebook to ask those who’d seen the movie which character I would most remind them of if they had to pick. My aunt and a former student both answered that it would be Anna, because of her spunky personality. However, after finally talking to the co-worker, I was told that it was Elsa who reminded her of me. Elsa? The complicated one? This is how she is described on another online site: “Never in Disney history have we had a female character as conflicted and complicated as Elsa…Elsa is not, like other princesses, happy go lucky. Disney has created a dark, mature, central female character, whose greatest challenge is finding acceptance–not just from others–but from herself as well.” Holy cow, what???

I feel I must rewind a bit. Years ago, while in high school, I was named Miss Congeniality in a competition. Miss Congeniality is not dark and conflicted! I have also been called perky most of my life. Sure, perky can be annoying to some people, but that’s besides the point. Isn’t perky like happy go lucky?

My mind was reeling. Oh man…Do other people see me this way? Will they watch “Frozen” and say the same thing? Am I a snow queen? I was a Snow Carnival princess one year in high school, but that was really different. The co-worker recently asked me if I agreed with her. I said I didn’t. I said I didn’t see it. After hearing the defensiveness in my voice she then said, “Oh, no, I mean in appearance. And when she’s nice. The nice Elsa. Not when she’s mean.” This co-worker is a really nice lady, and I don’t think she meant to cause me any worry or panic, but it certainly threw me for a loop.  I guess I need to just “Let It Go”…!

Here’s Elsa below and me below that. I don’t see it.






13 thoughts on “Let It Go (10 Minute Free Write for Ketchup With Us)

  1. Oh, I don’t know…a different dress, some highlights in your hair…
    Hey, maybe can you grab some perks from Disney while you’re at it! 😉

    Glad to see you doing ODNT’s/According to Mags linkup!

  2. It’s always funny to me when cartoon characters are compared to actual humans. Case in point: my friend’s daughter is the spitting image of the Margo character in Despicable Me. So much so that we took side by side pics of them and posted the comparison on Instagram. Never before has one of my pics there been more shared. And then there’s my actual real-life crush on Tangled’s Flynn Rider. That’s not weird at all. (cough)

    As soon as my daughter and I saw Frozen (And hello? We LOVED it! Like the rest of the planet.), she likened Elsa to my friend, Vanessa. Perhaps if we knew you personally, Vanessa would’ve gotten a run for her money with this beautiful character. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with KetchupWithUs again. And please tell your friends. It would be just swell if this little link-up party would grow a bit. Hope to see you again on the 15th.

    • Thank you Michele! Flynn Rider eh?! I can see it! It makes me feel better about having had a crush on a cartoon character on a show I watched as a kid. He obviously didn’t mean so much to me though because I can’t remember what show it was. 😉

      The more I watch “Frozen” (of course we own it), the more I like Elsa and feel flattered at the comparison. (I don’t think I look like her at all. However, I do think she is someone who sacrifices her own happiness for those of others, and I like to think I would do that too. It’s admirable.)

      I want to thank you for inspiring me to write. It was because of you, Mel, and my Twitter friends Tammie and Barbara that I started to do it (again after many years). And I love it. 🙂 I’m having a blast writing as well as reading the entertaining blogs out there like yours. Cheers!

  3. it’s likely they saw a little of both characters in you. Anna is my fave, but that has a lot to do with Kristen Bell. Elsa was conflicted … but there’s a lot of beauty (inner and outer) where she’s concerned too.

    Don’t worry about comparisons to either of these strong women, Shannon.

    Worry when they want to compare you to Shrek and Donkey.

    Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.

  4. So funny. Both of you are beautiful! 🙂 I’m sure there’s a reason they see the likeness. Perhaps your personality adds to it. But both smiles are gorgeous!

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