The Big One

This summer is a big one for me. I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my hubby, and I will turn 40 (on the same day). Gulp. Over the hill. I remember when my parents turned 40 and I bought all of these decorations with “over the hill” on them, as well as presents with the same saying on them. That was the age that everyone kind of dreaded and made fun of. “Ha, it’s all downhill from here. Forty is the beginning of the end!” My parents laughed it off. Now I feel terrible about doing that to them, because it’s tough enough getting older without being told you’re on death’s door! I mean, really? Forty seems so young to me now. And I am hoping my mom’s family’s great genetics continue with me because my grandparents lived long and pretty healthy lives. My grandma passed away last October, at the age of 87, and my grandpa just passed away in January, a month away from turning 98.

Forty is barely mid-life. However, I have heard from a number of friends who are a little bit older than I am that everything went wrong at 40…then again, I heard that from several of the same people when I was about to turn 30. Hmmm. Already I feel aches and pains. My bones actually hurt some days. I’m tired. I chalk that up to having young children who are NOT good sleepers and who are very busy, and to not being in good shape. Yes, I take care of myself in some ways: I eat relatively healthily, I don’t smoke, I only have a drink or two occasionally (like maybe once every few months), and I don’t have any bad habits. That said, I’ve hibernated like some kind of animal over the winter, and this winter has been especially long, snowy, cold, and lazy. The amount of activity I’ve done this winter? Almost none. I guess what I should be doing is getting back into shape and taking care of myself.  That is what my Ellipse is for right?  It’s not just there to act as a barrier in front of our fireplace for our 2 year old?  I have to do this so that 40 doesn’t feel so old.

After all, if former “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering looked like this mere months ago when he was 49 (!) – he just turned 50 today – then I can take a walk, step on my exercise equipment, and maybe do some juicing every now and then…right? Okay, really? THAT’S 50?? Wow.




3 thoughts on “The Big One

  1. Perspective is everything. I am 53 and I would have to say that my forties were great. I ran my first marathon at 52. As one gets into the second half of the game of life it’s all about perspective. I’m going with live big and definitely stay active. Be well. 🙂

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