2014: So far, so good (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

Writing Prompt:  Update your readers on your 2014 goals. How are things going? Are you staying on track or facing some challenges?

Normally I don’t set goals for myself for the new year – too many opportunities to not meet them and feel like I’ve failed! – but this year I decided to do it, prompted by another blogger.  I set three goals:  follow my bliss, be grateful for what I have and stop worrying about what I can’t improve, and stop wishing my kids would grow up faster. 

First:  follow my bliss.  I love singing, and did it a lot as a kid and young adult, but haven’t really sung in almost 15 years.  A goal I set was to start singing again and eventually make a CD this year.  It’s for me and for my kids to have something of their mom doing what she loves.  At this point, I’ve only been able to get to one vocal lesson.  In my defense, I have missed two other lessons because of weather.  Living in Midwestern Ontario – also called the “snowbelt” of Ontario – means dealing with a lot of blizzards, whiteouts, and road closures at this time of year.  Today was all of those things, and so it was impossible for me to get to my scheduled lesson.  I will, however, keep trying, and hopefully Mother Nature will ease up on us a bit so that I can get back to my lessons and back on track with preparing to record a CD. 

BUT HERE’S THE EXCITING NEWS, and it fits in with following my bliss:  I just self-published a children’s book!  It’s called The Duck Who Lost Her QuackI have always loved writing, and though I haven’t done it in a long time – life gets busy and hobbies often get pushed aside – I had an urge to write a children’s book.  Again, it was so that I could follow my bliss, and so that I could have something to show my kids.  They love books and reading, and so it would be perfect.  I found an online site that lets people self-publish, and on Tuesday I published my book!  And though these days anyone can self-publish, I really feel like I’ve accomplished something.  And I feel pretty darn blissful about it.


My second goal:  be grateful for what I have and let go of what I cannot.  I mentioned writing in a “gratitude journal” like Oprah used to talk about years ago.  Bad news:  No journal has been started.  And I still get upset about things I do not have or with things I want to improve but have no control over.  That said, I do think I’ve taken many opportunities to let my fortunate circumstances sink in, but there’s always room for improvement in this area.

My last goal:  stop wishing my kids would grow up faster.  I think I’ve really been doing well at this one.  I know that life goes by quickly – too fast, really – and it’s important to just be in the moment.  When my seven year old son said, “Ugh, do I have to cuddle with you?” (which I discussed in a previous blog), it made me stop and see that the special moments I have with my kids won’t last forever.  He doesn’t even want to cuddle with his mommy anymore!  Sad.  But part of growing up.  So why would I want to speed that up?  Craziness.  I make sure I take every opportunity I have to cuddle, snuggle, play, and just be with my kids, while they still want me and my hubby to spend time with them!

Two months into the new year I feel as if I’m on track with my goals, and I am determined to stay on track.


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