Sports and Stars

I am not watching the Olympics. I know. It’s bad. Everyone is watching the Olympics. It’s not that I have anything against the Olympics, and it’s not like I have something against competition. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I LOVE watching “Survivor”, “Next Great Baker”, and “Big Brother” on TV. I find them highly entertaining. Yes, I know it’s not quite the same thing. However, competition is competition, no matter where it’s taking place, right? Here’s the thing: I used to watch hockey and baseball on TV with my dad when I was a kid, and I was obsessed with watching tennis as a teenager. Hmmm…perhaps some of that obsession was rooted in my little crush on Boris Becker. Anyway, these days I am just not into watching sports. Whether it’s the Olympics on TV or a baseball game down the street at our community park, I can’t get excited about watching sporting events. That said, there is one sporting event I could get excited for if it was brought back to television. One that I used to love watching in the distant past. One that I long to see again. An event I would most certainly watch. “Battle of the Network Stars”. I can hear it now: Was that even a sporting event, Shannon? Does that actually count? It was certainly an event, and it involved sports. So yes, to me it counts. It’s been decades since TV actors on the big 3 – ABC, NBC, and CBS – competed in a variety of sports, and I remember seeing Wonder Woman show off her stellar swimming skills, Chachi manoeuvre his way through an obstacle course, and Andy Travis ( from my absolute favourite show of ALL-TIME: “WKRP in Cincinnati”) run a relay race. (And you can too, because there are clips on YouTube! Whoo hoo!) I felt like I knew these people because they were on my TV set weekly, and I guess that’s why I liked it. It’s terrible to admit, but I don’t think I know any of the Olympians competing in Sochi right now. However, if you said that Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad” – Heisenberg himself – would be speedskating against, oh, maybe Neil Patrick Harris from “How I Met Your Mother”, I’d not only know those names but I would be interested to see how they would perform. Throw some actors from “The Big Bang Theory”, “Glee”, “Parks and Recreation”, and “Blue Bloods” in there and I would be glued to the set. The only thing better would be to bring back some of the stars from the ’70s and ’80s, when the “Battle” shows were on, and have them compete too: Punky Brewster versus Theo Huxtable in ski jumping. The BEST. Now THAT would be must see TV, at least for me.

punky theo


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