Valentine Inspired Crafts (for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop)

Writing Prompt:  A Valentine inspired craft or recipe.

Let me start with this:  I am not a crafty person.  I aspire to be one of those people – who I am in awe of – but I really should accept that, at age 39, I am not going to improve much in the way of my craftiness.  That said, I do like to at least try, and I decided to go a little nuts this year for Valentine’s Day, with handmade gifts.  Maybe it’s because I am at home daily with my 2 year old daughter, and I feel like I should be doing things like this in my spare time (which is a few hours while my girl has an afternoon nap…some days).  I think about the “What do you do all day at home?” questions I get from my co-workers (at the job I haven’t yet returned to).  These are the same ones who, when my son was 9 months old and I hadn’t returned to work, told my husband (who also works there) that I need to “cut the apron strings and get back to work”.  I’m not kidding.  But that’s a whole other story…and perhaps fodder for a future blog.  Anyway, I decided to do a few Valentine inspired crafts, and I really hope my kids and my hubby will appreciate their gifts (in addition to the store-bought stuffed animals and chocolates, which I obviously can’t screw up!).  First, I decided to do a cute craft I saw on Pinterest.  I did some from me to my kids and hubby, but I also did some from my 2 year old to her daddy, her mommy, and her big brother, complete with what she told me to write, for the most part (!).


I coaxed my son into doing handmade Valentines for his classmates this year (in grade 2), and then worried that he’d be teased for making them.  “Why did you make these?  Weird,” was what kept running through my head.  So, I caved and bought some “cool” Valentines for him to give out, and I decided to use some of the cards we already made as cards for each of my kids, with the addition of a picture of Mommy and child.


Lastly, I saw something on “The View” last week when they were talking about Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and I thought it was really lovely.  Mine isn’t quite as fabulous as the ones shown on the program, but I love it because it’s my sweet little family.


It’s my Valentine’s Day present to myself, and it hangs where I can see it every day, as a reminder of how lucky I am to have such love in my life.


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