Lost – Trifextra Writing Challenge (Trifecta)

Trifextra Writing Challenge, Week 102: Use 33 words about love gone wrong, but you can’t use the following words:



Here goes (it’s called “Lost”):

Longing for…

that look of yearning,

that tender touch,

those rapturous words you spoke.

Emptiness stands in their place,

threatening to consume me.

And though it may, today, I will be whole again.


14 thoughts on “Lost – Trifextra Writing Challenge (Trifecta)

  1. I liked the overall feeling of desiring something taken away. And I’m sorry to bring this up, but if you don’t mind – the comma that follows “may” makes me wonder which half of the sentence “today” belongs to.

    • Thank you very much. The comma in that spot is there because “today” is a parenthetical element in the sentence. I only included “today” because I thought it made the speaker sound stronger, deciding that the emptiness will be short-lived.

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