Just Another Day of Motherhood

WARNING: This entry is kind of disgusting.

Bedtime at our house is relatively chaotic. Both my son and my daughter, who is much younger than and very influenced by her brother, are not fans of going to bed (like many kids). They decide that it’s the time to start running around, laughing, screaming, and jumping on each other’s beds. It takes a lot to reel them in most nights, and so on one particular night last week, when my two year old daughter was trying to tell me something, I just assumed she was fighting going to bed.

“Mommy, look, booder.”

“What, sweetie?” She just wants to keep me in her room so she doesn’t have to try to go to sleep.

“Booder. Booder. On my wall.”

“Booder? What does that mean? Booder…” I really should walk away. Why am I asking questions?

I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to say to me. She is usually pretty understandable, but at this age some words take a while for me to recognize. Just stay a few more minutes to satisfy her.

“Yes. Booder. On my wall. See? See, see, see, see, seeeeeeee?” This is her new “thing”: saying “see” multiple times and singing it the final time. It’s pretty adorable, I must admit.

The cartoon lightbulb finally appeared above my head, lit up. I figured out what she was saying. “Booger? Booger?” What?????

“Yes. Booder.”

Despite the fact that I have never seen her pick her nose, and no one in our house does that in public (not even my seven year old son, thank goodness – I guess you could say we’re pretty reserved!), my daughter had done the deed. And, to up the gross ante, she had smeared what she found on her bedroom wall. I guess I should be happy it wasn’t another excretion from a different part of her body…

“Oh, honey. You can’t pick your nose and then put it on your wall.” That last sentence is one I would have never imagined saying to anyone. But, there it was.

“Okay Mommy.” That sweet little face.

So the next five to ten minutes were spent scrubbing snot off my daughter’s bedroom wall. Disgusting? Most definitely. But scrubbing snot off walls is what moms do. They clean up the grossest of things that they never would have imagined having to clean up before having their babies. And, quite frankly, though it’s a tough job, it’s also the best job in the world, boogers and all. Hey, who knows? Maybe she will move up to finger painting (with actual paint, of course) and then painting with a brush, and she just might become a famous artist someday. And it all started with her nose and a wall. Too much?!


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