The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Window

I really like this challenge that popped up on my WordPress feed, from The Daily Post. It is to share a photo with a window, because a window can “tell you about where you are – and where you’re not – and mark a particular moment in time…Windows…can stir up memories and big ideas.”

pic of italy

This is a picture I took in 1999.  It’s from a window in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, and I took it the spring that I backpacked around the UK and Europe.  I remember being astonished by the countries I saw while travelling, but especially Rome.  Everywhere you go in Rome, there are ancient ruins just sitting there.  It’s incredible.  I took many, many pictures of the Colosseum that day, and when I was leaving and looked out this particular window, I just had to take another.  To me, “framing” the scene outside of a street filled with remnants of the distant past, with a window, was like peering out a window to the days of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.  It was presenting another period in time.  And it was capturing what defined Italy to me.

At the time, I was young (24), and I was “educated” (I had graduated from university the year before), but I did not know nearly as much about the world – including historical events and figures – as I do now.  I wish I had because everything would have meant so much more.  Though the picture was taken almost 15 years ago, the person behind the camera is still the same in many ways: a lover of history and learning (one reason I became a teacher); someone who likes to “document” her life with pictures (I STILL use photo albums – the ones you can actually touch and turn the pages of – and have hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, even from the last few years); and someone who likes to travel and see the world (though I’m a little bit of a scaredy-cat in my “old”er age).

Now I feel an urge to go eat pizza and gelato…


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