Growing Up Is Hard (To See)

Have you seen that new Old Spice commercial?  The one with the moms singing about how Old Spice has made their sons into men?  They’re lamenting the loss of their little boys.  I get it.  Although my son is only 7, I am starting to feel weepy about him growing up.  The little guy who once called his mommy his best friend, and who always wanted cuddles from me, is now not feeling it.  Sure, I know he loves me.  He still wants cuddles at nighttime…usually…but things are changing.  Earlier this evening I had to ask him – no BEG him – to come sit beside me on the couch.  His response:  “Why do I HAVE to come and sit with you?  Arg.”  I would expect that from a teenager, and so I thought I had many more years until that would happen.  Heartbreaking.

Then I came across this on Facebook:

Photo: Love this

Perfect timing.  The weeping commences.  I’m even sadder now about my boy.

In one of my other blogs (3 Words for 2014) I mentioned that a word for a goal in 2014 was “stop”, and I see it really is necessary, now that I am already starting to lose those special moments.  I need to stop wishing my kids would grow up (a wish my hubby and I have had because the sleep deprivation is so much more difficult than we thought).  I need to just be in the moment.  I need to appreciate being needed so much…even at 3am.  I need to know that they won’t be young forever, and, with that, they won’t need me like they do now, in the all-too-near-future.  And though my son is already not needing me to cuddle with him anymore, I am still going to watch for and take advantage of every opportunity there is to show him I love that he needs me, and I need him.  He and his sister are my everything.



10 thoughts on “Growing Up Is Hard (To See)

  1. Oh as a mom of 3 boys I have been through this more times than I care to talk about. Thankfully my 14 yr old still loves to give random hug attacks… something I hope he never gets too old or cool for..

  2. Oh, take my advice. Mine are 11 and 14. Cherish the moments. I love my young people but I would do anything to spend some time with my babies and toddlers again. I really wish my iPhone had an app for that.

    And, of course, somewhere someone with two children in college is listening to me saying, “Please. Your kids ARE babies. Enjoy the fact that they still live at home and sleep under your roof (almost) every night.” (sigh)

    Thanks for linking up, lady. Please come back and see us again on the 1st.

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